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Eternal Aroma & Aura

Charbhuja Agarbatti Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Exotic Packs

Our range of exotic packs comes into variety of floral flavors like rose, lily, mogra, champa, and many more. With long burning duration, our exotic packs of agarbatti fill the surrounding with dense natural fragrances. Due to its long burning duration, it keeps spreading its aura for much longer time. Our exotic packs are available in range of boxes and pouches.

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Premium Packs

The name itself signifies the quality.Produced using the elements close to nature, we have created a range of product using natural herbs and floral elements. The soothing and long lasting effect makes it ideal for using during yoga, meditation, and controlling emotions. Like our exotic range, these products are also available in boxes and pouches.

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Royal Premium Packs

Our Royal Premium range represents some of our exotic agarbattis. Using the rare elements of nature and combining them to create flavors that represent the chemistry of love and devotion. The rich and soothing smell makes it ideal for range of occasions. It is being accepted by masses for its smell and come in attractive boxes and rolls.

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Exclusive Packs

The exclusive range includes agarbattis of rare elements like sandal, kevda, and so on. Using the highest quality of these rarest of rare material, we produce incense sticks that revitalize body and mind with its rich and soothing smell. Ideal for all type of occasions be it religious, yoga, celebrations, or festive, it has created an appeal for itself.

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Super Saver Packs

For those who want to enjoy mix of variety of flavors without shelling out extra money, we have created Super Saver range. Our Super Saver range comes in mix of four flavors or bulk of single flavor. Consumers save considerably from this range and also get opportunity to try various fragrances.

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Economic Packs

Economic packs ranges are the combination of our agarbatti in pouches. They are also available for single flavor. Considering the needs of the many consumers with financial constrain, our Economic Packs are mean to enable them to experience our product without any financial overhead. It is also ideal for those who want to try our range before committing for bigger quantities.

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Special Festive Packs

This range is collection of our most preferred flavors of agarbattis. True to its name, it comes in an attractive package of various shapes and sizes. Due to its exotic collection and fancy packaging, it is ideal for gifting. Our Festive Pack is right companion for all occasion to lighten and brighten the moods of our consumers.

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