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About Company

Charbhuja Snacks Co. Pvt. Ltd.

The founders of ‘Charbhuja Group’ always emphasized on maintaining quality and the same is reflected in their snacks products. Snacks are integral part of every Indian household. They are light, delicious, and can be savoured anytime. Similar to the diverse cultures of India, snacks also diverse in taste from being sweet, sour, spicy, or mix of all. With a single motto of providing tasty snacks products by maintaining adequate hygiene and quality standards, we started offering food products to satisfy the taste buds of our consumers. We started on a small-scale and gradually people started to notice our offerings.

Our products were prepared considering the preferences of our consumers. This enabled us to make our products rich in taste while maintaining low cost.Quality of our snacks and word of mouth fuelled the growth tremendously and from a small initiative, we have grown to a full-fledge unit manufacturing range of snacks products in large quantities.

Even today, we use traditional recipes and ingredient for preparing our snacks, which gives them a distinct taste and rich flavours. All the ingredients used are of top quality and 100% organic. We source all the ingredients locally to maintain their freshness. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and imparted training to all our employees to maintain stringent hygiene and quality standards.

Our snacks are packed immediately after passing quality control to maintain their freshness. The raw materials used have to pass series of laboratory test to maintain high nutritional standards and to give the same taste to our consumers every time they. savour any of our snacks.