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Management | Charbhuja Industrial Group

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Shree Sonaramji Malviya (MD & Founders group, Charbhuja Industrial Group):

Sonaramji Malviya started the humble beginning of the Charbhuja Industrial Group in 1988. Driven by sheer dedication and zeal to provide quality products to its consumers, Sonaramji began his journey from a small room by manufacturing incense sticks under the brand Charbhuja Agarbatti Company Pvt. Ltd. and later on, replicate the success with other ventures in consumer products, tea products, safety matches, provision mart, and food products.

Mr. Shankar Prashant Malviya (Group MD, Charbhuja Industrial Group):

Shankarlal Malviya provided major contribution to the success of Charbhuja Industrial Group. Under his leadership, the company laid it's founding principles that led to the great success. With knack of sensing the changing demands of consumers, his guidance in product development enabled us to improve quality of our products and establish a stronghold in this highly competitive market.

Mr. Karan Sonaram Malviya (Director, Charbhuja Export & Consumer):

Karan Malviya spearheads export division of Charbhuja Industrial Group. Initially started with the export of safety match sticks and Agarbatti, today the organization is gearing up to export other range of products worldwide.

Mr. Kishor Ramina (MD, Charbhuja Snacks Company):

Kishor Ramina with his understanding of the diverse preference of consumers in food industry has helped improve our range of snacks and also introduced new products as per the liking of consumers. Having a strong domestic consumer base, he is leading the company to carter the needs of consumers abroad.

Mr. Chhagan Malviya (MD, Charbhuja Match Company):

Chhagan Malviya has taken the Charbhuja Match Company to new heights in terms of success. His zeal to improve the quality of product and aggressive marketing strategies has helped to achieve international exposure. While constantly improving the quality of product, he is driving the company to create its foothold in many countries.

Mr. Tarachand Kumawat (MD, Charbhuja Tea company):

Tarachand Kumawat leads the Charbhuja Tea Company. Knowing that the tea is national drink of India, his contribution in development of company was vital. Adhering to the principles and following the footsteps of our founders, he has taken the company to new heights. Understanding the taste of consumers, he utilized his knowledge in developing our products as per the liking of our consumers. This helped our tea products a great deal in performing well in domestic markets.

Mr. Deepak Kumawat (MD – Provision Mart):

Deepak Kumawat with his extensive experience in retail section leads the Charbhuja Provision Mart. Working closely with the consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers, his continuous efforts to bridge the gap has resulted in bringing branded items to the household of Sheoganj.

Mr. Shankar Prashant Malviya (MD, Charbhuja Agarbatti Company Pvt. Ltd.):

Shankarji Malviya currently spearheads the Charbhuja Agarbati Company. His talent and knowledge of smells has enables us to innovate new products as per the changing trends of the market. He infused the use of technology and modernized the manufacturing process. Under his mentorship, company is heading towards conquering new heights.